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This website collects all new casinos with no deposit. To play with a no deposit bonus has become very popular during the last couple of years. And no wonder, without risking any money you can win real money by just spinning the wheels. It is also perfect if you are low on my and just wants to feel the excitement of being able to win real money. It is also very good if you want to try a new casino before depositing your own money. There are many websites such as New Casino Top where you can compare and find the best alternatives. But the best option is to follow us to get the latest information about new casinos that offer no deposit bonuses. Check out our blog below that will are updated on a regular basis with the most competitive deals.

Free Casino is the way to go!

When using the term: Play for free online; this is the kind of offer most people think of. It is also called a No Deposit Bonus; and in short means that you get free cash from the online casino, that you can play with. But please, do not just look for free cash! Playing at an online casino 2018 means so much more than just spinning the wheels.

Check your Bonuses

Take advantage of all types of bonuses, including those who might be a little bit more difficult to understand; because you get bigger chances of winning and more value for your time and money!

A casino can for example give out some money to all of it’s new players. These can then be used to test the site; and to try out some of the most popular gaming machines on the market – completely free.

Try your luck at the table games by playing free Blackjack or taking the chance to win high on some slots. You decide where you play. Why not look for a best new casino sites 2018 over at One of the best methods available to play casino for free online; even if you’re not a new customer, is to make use of different gaming cashback systems.

Cashback at New Casinos

A cashback means that you get cash back from the casino; and it’s a completely unprofitable bonus; because you can play without money, even if you have been a customer for many years. It’s also quite smart by the casino to “spoil” their existing customers; because they tend to stay. A cashback can be seen as a pure investment, so be sure to check if a casino offers it when you sign up.

Can I play for free with my mobile phone?

Of course, you can also receive free games on the mobile phone; and you can also play the various demo modes if you want. In the case of mobile casinos, you may also find unique offers that you do not receive through your computer.

It’s fun with free games!

As you can see above; there are quite a few different ways to play for free, online. That means there is something that fits most of the different gaming types. For those who like slots; you can get free spins and free money. For those who enjoy roulette, you can play roulette for free  – and for those who only play for fun, you can use the demo games. Check out some new casinos 2018, with these kinds of offers over at The best new online casinos 2018 often give the best offers available. Good luck player at new online casino sites 2018.

History of Gambling in Sweden

The history of gambling in Sweden dates back to the third century A.D when many gambling-related objects were found. Card games made their way into the country in the 1400s and the first casino- called Ramlosa Brunn- was opened in the 18th century. Over time, other forms of gambling and betting emerged in addition to the typical casino games such as poker or blackjack. Suddenly, in the middle of the 19th century, casinos were banned, but heavy lobbying ensured that they made their way back into the country in a legal way. The state took upon itself the task of creating casinos that were legal and regulated. It was then that the Lotteries Act of 1994 and the Casinos Act of 1999 were passed. This ensured that only licensed operators could function in the market.

Gambling casinos in Sweden

To ensure safety and security to players and legalise casinos and gambling in Sweden, laws were enacted. Licenses were issued to the state-owned company Svenska Spel to build six casinos. Its subsidiary- Casino Cosmopol- was entrusted with the task and it assessed that just four casinos were sufficient to cater to the needs of the gambling market.
The first casino, located in the old railway station building built in 1874, was called Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall. It opened in Sundsvall on June 30, 2001, and has 140 slot machines and 15 gaming tables. Casino Cosmopol Malmo, which had 260 slot machines and 26 gaming tables opened in the King’s Park in December 2001. In 2002, Casino Cosmopol Goteborg made an impressive opening in Goteborg with 343 slot machines, poker, blackjack and roulette tables and an entertainment centre with a bar. The last one to open in 2003 was Casino Cosmopol Stockholm, which is located in a building in King Bridge. It has 46 tables games, 412 gaming, slot, three gambling facilities and video poker machines. This is stated to be the largest gambling city in Sweden.

History of Gambling in Sweden

Online gambling in Sweden

Although the four casinos in Sweden were regulated by Svenska Spel, there was no law to regulate online gaming. As a result casino operators began opening private casinos in the Republic of Malta and directed them towards the Swedish market. However, unlicensed operators were banned from operating, and advertisers were fined heavily if they contravened. Seeing the interest that online casinos generated, Swedish authorities allowed Svenska Spel to offer its lottery games online. In 2006, an online poker platform was also established. Online gambling websites need to registration and players have to specify their money limits.Casinos and gambling in Sweden began to don a new avatar.

Success of Swedish casinos vs new UK Casinos 2018

Casino Cosmopol Sundsvall was chosen casino of the year 2012 in the Totally Gaming Awards Gala in London, while Casino Cosmopol in Stockholm registered the biggest win in land-based casinos. Swedes also win high jackpots in Internet casinos, which offer a wide variety of games ranging from roulette, Baccarat to blackjack, bingo and video poker. One excellent site that follows new UK casinos strictly 2018 is They will guide you if you are from the UK and want to play online.

The Swedish casino market is currently regarded as the biggest in Europe, and the number of quality online casinos have increased. High bonuses, massive jackpots, reliable security and high-quality games have set these casinos apart.

The Best Kind Of Casino Bonus

If you’re new to the world of online gambling or an expert of the realm, one thing is for sure, everyone loves a great bonus. Pretty much every casino out there has some sort of casino bonus, but as with life, some are clearly better than others. Casino bonuses can vary in type so it can be helpful to have some insight into what’s available out there so you know what to look for.

SignUp Casino Bonus

This is the most common type of casino bonus. All casinos, offer some kind of signup bonus to attract new players. These signup bonuses can come with no money down meaning that you don’t have to make a deposit to earn the bonus, you simply have to sign up. Most of the time these no deposit bonuses provided the new user with an allotted number of free spins that the player can take advantage of without having to put their own dollars on the line.

no deposit casino bonus 2018

Deposit Bonus

Now the majority of casinos offer an even sweeter deal on top of these free spins if a user is willing to make a deposit. Many times you will not only get free spins but the casino will match whatever amount you choose to deposit up to a certain amount. For example, if you deposit £200 then the casino might give to 200 free spins and additional £200 to match the £200 that you’ve already deposited giving you £400 to start having fun with.

Casino Bonuses For Existing Players

Taking advantage of these new user and new deposit bonuses is a no brainer for most players but what happens if you really like a casino and you no longer qualify for their “new player” casino bonus but you still want bonuses? Well that’s where research comes in. A really great bonus program allows not only new depositing players to qualify for bonuses but also gives incentive for existing players to make their second, third, fourth, and so on deposits.

Before you get attached to a casino, look into what kinds of bonuses they offer not only to new players but existing ones as well. When a casino offers bonuses all around to every level of player, it makes gameplay more exciting and players are more likely to stick around for longer.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and find a new casino bonus 2018 that is right for you so you can get your game play on! Good luck at the online casino 2018 at your choice!

Different types of no deposit bonuses

There are different types of no deposit bonuses that can be good to know about. To most common ones is that you get either money or free spins. Here we will shortly describe what the difference is between these to types of no deposit bonuses.

Free Money and Free Spins

Free Money: To get free money by just opening an account is a very popular form of  no deposit bonus. By using such bonus you can play at any game as you want. Often you need to wager you money several times before you are able to withdraw your money. But it is free so what can you really expect.

Free Spins: The other type of no deposit bonus for new casinos are free spins. When you open an account you normally get a certain amount of free spins for a specific slot for free. Normally you get somewhere between 10 and 100 free spins but sometimes you can get much more than that. It is a good idea to look for free spins on new slots. There you will normally find better bonuses than on old slots. The purpose of doing this is that you should be able to try it out. So as long as you keep focus and do not deposit any money you can play it for free. During the last couple of years, it has come many new types of free spins that are much better than the regular ones. If you see such free spins you should use them! They are often worth much more and can be without wagering requirements, so very beneficial for you. There are also new names for this type of bonus, it can be bonus spins och extra spins as well. On you will find out the differences between all types of spins that you can get as a new player. Especially if you are from the UK or any other regulated country it might not be as obvious how all the different types of bonuses work.

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Do not forget that the reasons for that casinos offer you no deposit bonuses is that you should later use your own money to play. If you do not have money that you can spare you should be cautious. You should only play because it is fun. If you do have money that you can spare it is almost always best to deposit money. You will have a much bigger chance to win the jackpot and you will get much better bonuses. On this website, we will list all type of casinos so you can find what you are looking for.